Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well known for being a successful international business, trade and financial hub, with its perfect geographical location in the centre of East Asia and a fast-growing Mainland China as its hinterland. Owing to its traditional free market economic policy, Hong Kong has gradually matured into a modern, energetic and multicultural service-oriented economy, underpinning the role of the city as one of the world's leading international financial centres.
A sound and stable banking system, effective legal system, abundant foreign exchange reserves, well-structured anti-corruption measures and close connections with mainland China, makes Hong Kong a highly attractive market for foreign direct investment (FDI). It is the world’s second largest source of FDI, after the US, and the world’s second largest recipient of FDI, after Chinese mainland.
Hong Kong is also a key offshore capital-raising centre for international and regional firms. Hong Kong has been one the world’s top five markets in funds raised through IPOs every year over the last five years, and was the world’s leading listing hub in 2015 beating New York, London and Shanghai.