The pace of change in Southeast Asia has been driven by powerful economic, political and demographic trends. Recent economic performance have indicated that the ASEAN region is quickly becoming an attractive destination to conduct business. Economic and demographic fundamentals portray a region on the verge of robust growth and change. Home to nearly 600 million people, it ranks behind only China and India in population. Asia’s other economic heavyweights, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are virtually located in the backyards of ASEAN and are already strong engines of growth for Asia. Given their proximity and economic performance, ASEAN and North Asia are becoming increasingly unified as it moves towards a more cooperative and integrated community. Buoyed by this development, the ASEAN+ strategy is designed to catch the wave of prosperity and growth in the region.

The ASEAN+ region is home to more than 10 percent of the emerging world’s 2,000 largest companies. Singapore plays an especially important role in the ASEAN+ story. Having traditionally facilitated trade across the region, it is globally connected, with an educated workforce. Singapore’s transparent business rules and regulations, strong Intellectual Property and Data Protection also make it one of the world’s easiest places to do business.

ASEAN+ enhances Singapore’s position as a gateway to Asia and will create opportunities in 3 main areas:

  1. As a gateway for European and US businesses into ASEAN+ and beyond.
  2. As a gateway for Asian business into Europe and the US.
  3. Encourage and develop cross-border business between the ASEAN+ jurisdictions.

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